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wishcastle_logo_xsmall-350w.jpg Wishcastle is a Online-Only retail sales and promotions of furnishings and gifts for home, family, and special occasions. When first created, WishCastle.Com attempted to offer displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina a convenient way to put back the pieces online. Today, it is still our mission to reach out to company brands that are already familiar to shoppers, and others perhaps not so familiar but still provide value, function and products that are aesthetically pleasing for the home and gift giving.

Company Overview:

WISHCASTLE.COM is your Online Shopping Destination for unique products to style and decorate your home by your own standards. Our Mission is to share what we find in the marketplace that will bring joy to our customers affordably, so you can spend more time simply enjoying life and those you love. Our Team believes that care and love are evident in the Gifts people receive. WISHCASTLE.COM is a company of people who know that great service is the best value.

Contact Information:

Marketing Coordinator
WishCastle.Com eStore

P.O. Box 74135
Metairie LA 70033-4135

Phone: 504-208-0958

Email: moc.eltsachsiw|ofni#moc.eltsachsiw|ofni
Website: http://www.wishcastle.com/

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